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Benefits of SEO Copywriting (2015)

7 Reasons SEO Copy Writers Are Advantageous for Small Businesses

SEO copywriting is a wise investment for any small business owner.

Here are seven facts about search engine copywriters! Hire accordingly ;).

1. We Are Writers FIRST

As hard as it may be to focus on writing quality content rather than on search engine optimization (SEO)…

We are writers first!

Before I learned a ton from Blue Corona and Sean Si at SEO Hacker, I only knew words and took pride in the written word in particular. I worked in Maryland’s writing center, read a lot of screenplays and was known for being an academic dork.

That said, we SEO copywriters value writing— a lot. And we understand the importance of good writing and how much time it takes, and that search engines like Google prefer quality over quantity these days.

We write well, so that visitors like what they read on your website, keep reading it, and hire you over the competition.

2. We Are SEO Specialists SECOND

SEO is, as you probably already know, beyond important.

And SEO copywriters know how to optimize content for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We understand that search engines crunch text, not fancy web designs (although visitors love eye-catching designs), and that keywords are no longer “stuffed sweeteners” for today’s era of search.

We understand how to write well, which is honestly what’s most important for both user experience (UX) and SEO, and also how to properly optimize websites for 2015. We know that on-page optimization is dying and that it’s all about quality over quantity, but also that technical SEO is still very much alive…

3. We Are Technical SEO Experts

That’s right, technical SEO is alive!

I’m talking about the stuff that shows up in search. The stuff that makes you rank and gets you clicks. I’m talking about this:

Called meta data, what you see in search engine page results (SERPs) is optimized for both click-through rates (CTRs) and SEO. This requires solid keyword research and a combination of catchy tagline writing and strategic keyword implementation.

SEO copy writers are technical and know behind-the-scenes SEO tricks, techniques and best practices. We know how to optimize title tags, meta descriptions, breadcrumbs (think, for schema (reviews, prices, publish date) and more.

4. We Are Skilled WordPress Content Managers

Speaking of behind-the-scenes, many SEO content and copywriters operate off the WordPress platform (or Drupal or Joomla).

These content management systems (CMSs) allow easy manipulation of your entire website, including your content and meta data. An avid WordPress copywriter can simply log in to your CMS and easily optimize your website. She can work directly off the platform while writing your content, which can work in your favor in terms of drafting content, scheduling posts and overall site maintenance.

In addition, working off WordPress allows us to create and optimize (I use Yoast SEO and Google XML Sitemaps) category and tag meta data (here are my categories and tags for this post).

If your website runs off a CMS, we’ll know how to use it, and be able to perform plenty more technical SEO!

5. We Are Professional Content Campaign Creators

Custom content campaigns ensure your website performs well and will continue to perform in the future.

An SEO copy writer’s content strategy and planning includes mapping out your website; incorporating keywords and industry-relevant terms (“); building a series of targeted content pages; establishing your brand (via tone and personality); and devising a weekly blog writing schedule.

In other words, we know how to structure your website for both search engines and user experience.

6. We Are Expert Weekly Business Blog Post Writers

Blog post writing is the cornerstone of any successful Internet marketing campaign.

If you don’t have any posts, infographics, case studies, cool facts or how-tos to share; how then will you dominate the social media scene, get incoming links and traffic?

Good SEO is, more or less, a result of sound architecture, proper keyword selection and usage, and, well, blogging. You can only have so many service and company pages, but you can have unlimited blog posts.

Blogging also allows for long-tail keyword targeting. (For instance, this post is optimized for a combination of the keywords “benefit” + “SEO copywriting” + “small business”.)

We can easily assist you in this department!

7. We Are The Best Social Media Marketers

Before a social media marketer can share your post, someone else has to write it first.

SEO copywriters more than handle this. We, again, handle the meta data writing and optimizing (which people often see in shared links). We make the copy easy to scan, exciting to read, and worth sharing.

In addition, many copy writers offer tagline writing and social media marketing management services. Hey— if we wrote your content, why not let us handle your tweets and shares too!

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SEO Copywriting Costs How Much?

What Are Reasonable Search Engine Copy Writing Rates?

Good question. And a tough one to answer.

But here’s it short:

You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $3,000 per web page.

Sheesh. Quite a range, right?

(Pssst… Here’s some more realistic, average prices found online!)

You Always Get Exactly What You Pay For… Sort Of.

I like to compare copywriting to shoes.

You can get a pair for five bucks (well, maybe flip flops). But you don’t.

Now, I don’t know about paying $3,000 for shoes either— but I expect a $100 pair of shoes to at least fit right

The point is: You get what you pay for, to a certain extent. (Unless the fine print says otherwise.)

1. Package: It Depends On The Extent Of Your SEO Offer.

Some copywriters package their product.

For instance, general copy may start at $100 per page, with an SEO option/upgrade for an additional fee.

Others offer content plans, for a set price, and reward your commitment with reduce rates thereafter. (Read about my custom strategies.)

And what about technical SEO? “Technical SEO?” you reply.

Writing copy is one thing. And writing for SEO is another.

Find out *what exactly you get before letting go of any cash!

* Full-service SEO copywriting includes on-page & meta data optimization, internal link-building, slug optimizing (URLs), information architecture (IA) mapping and so on.

2. Method: It Depends On Whether It’s Per Page Or Per Hour.

Most writers prefer working per page or per project.

It’s rare you’ll find someone charging hourly, because doing so can often undercut her earning potential.

Some copywriters are faster than others (I’m on the slower side of the spectrum), so quoting per project or page would reap a larger reward. With such quick turnaround times, fast writers can earn an impressive income, and charge accordingly for guaranteed speedy deliveries.

The BIG Question: How long does it take to write a page of content?

I can’t necessarily speak for others, but, me, myself— I will set aside a whole day for one page, if I need to.

Honestly, some pages take longer than others. Home pages and about pages can absorb more time than, say, a resources or contact page.

If your SEO copywriter does charge hourly, make sure to ask how many hours she thinks your project will take.

3. Genre: It Depends On The Complexity Of Writing.

What is your specialty?

If it’s in the medical, financial, legal, technology or any other jargon-filled field of expertise …You may pay a little more.

Then again, if your copywriter used to be a lawyer, crafting copy for your law firm should be a breeze. It depends on how comfortable she is with your industry.

The amount of research conducted is (often) connected to the complexity of content. And this (or, again, often) affects pricing.

4. Length: It Depends On The Depth Of Your Web Copy.

When I started writing for SEO, Google search was different.

Slap your keywords in a few “hot spots,” and watch your 250-word page start to rank!

I’m not saying a 250-word page won’t do it. What I am saying is that most SEO copywriters aim for 350-400+ words today.

So, a copywriter charging, say, $100-150 (that’s my range) per page probably takes a little more time personalizing your content than her competitor cranking out copy at $45 per page.

And at $50 bucks, I wouldn’t expect anything seriously in-depth or branded.

5. Publishing: It Depends On The Question Of Uploading.

Is your SEO copywriter just writing or publishing the content?

For copywriters who can not only write and optimize, but also upload your copy— that’s definitely going to cost a little more. And rightly so.

Uploading content (likely) means formatting. Maybe a lot of it.

It also may mean installing and customizing plugins, and performing more behind-the-scenes technical SEO.

Ask your SEO copywriter if she knows HTML or CSS (and how to schema), and whether uploading and formatting is included with your package.

6. Commitment: It Depends On The Scope Of Your Project.

I’m referring to your dedication to a content campaign.

It’s not uncommon for a content proposal of 50-75+ web pages. That’s a lot of writing.

When you’re in it for the long haul, you may receive discounted rates, with, for instance, a weekly (blogging) commitment of three to five pages per week until project completion.

If starting with a customized plan, your SEO copywriter should map out your entire website, including specific content pages and their target keywords, with approved branding language for your business.

Such a commitment likely earns some free tweaks here and there too ;).

7. Overhead: It Depends On Your Writer’s Specific Situation.

Are you hiring an SEO company?

If going with a bigger operation, you’ll likely pay more. Companies have office space, hardware, (many) employees, etc.

Then again, SEO companies often offer more services, like tracking, pay-per-click (PPC), link-building, social media management, etc.

In BOLD: It always depends on what exactly you’re being offered, and how much it costs your choice of hire to run her business.

Hey, you may find an SEO company can do more for you than a freelancer— but that’s a debate for another post!

Final Answer? …Well, Anywhere From $5 to $3,000 per Web Page!

You can hire an “SEO copywriter” for five bucks on,, or any other “freelance finder.”

Pssst… Check out this cool infographic!

You can also hire a large SEO company to write your copy for $500+ per page.

*But, when it comes down to it, you’ll want to ask:

  • Am I getting search-engine-optimized writing?
  • Is the copy Google-friendly for 2015?
  • Does it include meta data SEO (slug too)?
  • Are links included and optimized? And web-ready?
  • Will you upload it to my WordPress (or other) website?
  • Do you offer refunds, revisions or SEO tweaks?
  • How many words approximately, and time for delivery?
  • Can I receive discounted rates for long-term plans?
  • How will you brand me and leave the competition behind?

* Remember, pricing will vary depending on many factors, all of which affect quality, customization and overall impact.

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